International HIV Training Program (MIHTP)

The International HIV Training Program (IHTP) is a collaboration of the Medical Center San Diego (MCSD) and two San Diego, California universities. The Health Research Center (NHRC) provides operational support through the Direct HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (DHAPP). DHAPP has facilitated the establishment of this mini-residency in HIV/AIDS clinical management located in San Diego for foreign medical personnel currently dealing with HIV/AIDS in their country. IHTP is funded as an international assistance program, and is designed to promote HIV prevention through training of medical providers and country assistance in strengthening or development and implementation of HIV prevention programs.

Attending IHTP (this training program is open to Physicians only)

IHTP Objectives

Working with organizations around the world, this International HIV Training Program emphasizes training, consultation and operational support for epidemiological surveillance, laboratory diagnosis, and prevention and management of HIV and its complications. We seek to train key foreign clinical physicians in state-of-the-art HIV prevention, clinical management, and diagnosis and treatment, with the expectation that those trained will transfer information into operational use in country.

Needs Assessment for Allied Medical Professionals

This needs assessment will need to be completed prior to your participation in the training course. This information will help us make sure your stay is beneficial for you. The completed document should be faxed or e-mailed electronically to the Program Director.

Welcome Letter

This document provides basic information on the training course, travel and luggage, arrival, expenses etc., that you will need when you attend the training workshop.


The cost for this course (open to Physicians only) is approximately $15,000 per person.  This is an estimated cost that covers all aspects of the course: tuition, lodging, travel, food, etc.

For additional information on training, please contact the DHAPP Events Coordinator at