DHAPP continues to rely upon the vital support of various partners, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in implementing HIV prevention, care and treatment programs across the globe.  Each country has a customized plan to help the countries bring its HIV/AIDS programs to sufficient scale to help reduce the spread of the epidemic and mitigate its impact.

DHAPP’s current priority activities include the following:

  • Institutional capacity building and developing specific HIV strategic and operational plans that incorporate effective monitoring and evaluation procedures.
  • Training of master trainers and peer educators.
  • “Troop Level” HIV/AIDS prevention education and behavior change communication.
  • Evaluating specific prevention interventions
  • Providing infrastructure and equipment to support HIV testing, care and/or treatment.
  • Increasing testing of all personnel.
  • Developing HIV laboratory diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.
  • Increasing clinical capability and other human resources for health care of those infected with HIV.
  • Developing or revising specific HIV policies that specifically address  leadership roles, gender norms, gender based violence, stigma and discrimination and structural components necessary for access to care.
  • Increasing male circumcision (MC) in high prevalence countries who are supportive of MC as an effective prevention intervention.
  • Providing peacekeeping prevention and care interventions in militaries that contribute significant peacekeepers.

The links to the Broad Agency Announcements (BAA) below are intended to solicit existing partners and establish new partners in order to expand the DHAPP program.  Interested sources should submit proposals identifying their plans and capabilities per the submission guidelines contained therein.

Proposals should focus on rapidly extending HIV/AIDS services.  Respondents are encouraged to target specific needs with a practical business plan, using small grass-roots organizations to provide community-based services as a way to enhance organic capabilities and sustainability.