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This Is How Much Milk Thistle You’ll Need To Pass A Drug Test

Milk Thistle contains more than 400 useful substances that are required for the human body to function normally. The main active ingredient that has a significant effect on the liver condition is silymarin. The plant contains vitamins of all groups, essential oils, and substances that are responsible for producing amines. It is a common component […]

Why Using Goldenseal Will Make You Fail A Drug Test

No matter how often you smoke, or when was the last time you light up a joint, taking a drug test can certainly make you nervous. It is proven that some natural remedies can speed up the detoxification process, or can even lead to a total elimination of drug metabolites. Let’s see if goldenseal is […]

Will HIV medications affect marijuana drug test results?

Once you have been diagnosed with the HIV virus, a lot of things may begin to cross your mind. You may worry about how this will affect your significant relationships, your work and of course your health in general. One important thing you need to have in mind is what to expect from HIV therapy. […]

Does cannabis/marijuana help AIDS patients

Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, over 70 million people globally have been infected while 35 million have died from the HIV virus. In spite of the milestones that have been achieved so far, there is unfortunately no definitive cure for the scourge. However, successful efforts have been made towards prolonging and improving the […]

CBD oil effects on HIV/AIDS

HIV has been with us since the beginning of the twentieth century, even though the first human case in the US was reported in 1981. In all this time, a definite cure is yet to be found, even though science is showing some promising results. Among the areas being looked at is the use of […]