3 Little Known Ways Of Passing A Cocaine Drug Test

The good news is that the time period in which cocaine is traceable with a drug test is so short that you should literally keep snorting down to detect it.

Unlike cannabis, cocaine does not break down in fats. This means that it is not retained in the cells of the body after ingestion.

Although this sounds comforting, taking a urine test for cocaine can still be an unpleasant experience. Especially if you have consumed a couple of days prior.

These are the 3 little known ways of passing a cocaine drug test.

Urine dilution

Urine dilution makes it harder to decide whether that individual is consuming illicit substances, such as cocaine.

Science hasn’t named one explicit number — an exact measure of water to intake — that will dilute your urine sufficiently.

In this way, to dilute pee, you should significantly increase the intake of water in a short time period before you give an example.

The amount of water that will make a diluted sample likely differs from individual to individual. It may be a half gallon for one and a full gallon for another; however, the sure guideline for anybody attempting to dilute their pee is basic: don’t quit chugging until your pee is clear.

However, you need to watch the creatine level of your pee, because if it goes below 20 g/dL, you will raise a suspecting of purposefully trying to mask your results.

Another trick that it’s used alongside with pee dilution is taking Aspirin.

Typically a certain number of Aspirin pills are taken a few hours before the test. You can take them at once, or split them into 2-3 dosages, with few hours between each dose.

There is no solid proof of how a headache medicine helps in making a cocaine urine test negative up until this point. In any case, users who’ve utilized this strategy effectively have a wide range of clarifications.

The broadest proposal is that this medicine masks the cocaine metabolites in pee, making them imperceptible in tests.

Another proposal depends on salicylic acid – the active substance found in aspirin. According to these claims when Aspirin is ingested, the salicylic acid is assimilated into the circulatory system where it consumes off the cocaine metabolites coasting in the blood.

Others propose that Aspirin directly influences the testing principle, thus leading to a cocaine-free test result.

Whichever opinion is valid, there is surely some connection between Aspirin, water intake and the results of drug tests looking for cocaine.

The right amount, frequency of dosing and 100% effectiveness – not so sure.

Urine substitution

Urine substitution is an effective way of getting a negative result on a cocaine urine test.

However, it is a little complicated to perform, especially if you are unconfident in your trickstering skills. It is also illegal, which puts more pressure on the entire process.

There are two ways to do it.

Synthetic urine

Providing fake urine leaves no room for doubt. Synthetic urine is fake urine produced specifically with the aim of mimicking a real human pee.

The liquid resembles all the traits of regular urine, color, temperature, and odor. The samples also have the right pH, nitrates, urea, uric acid, and creatine found in real urine.

In order to use it you need a special device (whizzinator or similar).

Using someone else’s urine

You obviously need to use a pee from someone that has not consumed drugs.

So, you borrow a urine sample from a friend or relative and try to pass it as you own. You need to make sure that the urine sample has the right temperature, so it’s advisable to rub the plastic cap or warm it up on your body before submitting.

It surely works, if you can do it.

Natural detoxification

Natural detoxification is a 100% worthwhile method if you have the time.

The natural cocaine detox process starts with complete abstinence from cocaine.

Next, you need to consume high-quality vitamins and nutrients, which means following a strict diet. You need to focus on foods high in fiber, lean protein, leafy greens, and healthy fats and so on.

Exercising is an option that can certainly help during this process.

You also can turn to another natural detoxification program – by using the natural permanent detox kit.

It is an all-organic and safe 7-day method to complete detox from any drug metabolites.
You take a few pills at morning and in the evening, and after a week you are free of any cocaine traces in your body.
Easy, effective and stress-free.

”Doping” urine sample”

Adding certain chemicals to a pee sample will either mask the drug metabolites or mess up with the laboratory equipment.

You need to be aware that anything unusual can be traced, so you should be extra careful with this method.


The blogs are full of users proclaiming that zinc can alter the results of a cocaine urine test.

Apparently, directly adding zinc to the urine interferes with the drug test. The common tactic is dissolving from 1 to 50 mg/mL of zinc sulfate in the sample.

Digesting zinc through various products has been proven to be ineffective.

Although it can work, mixing up zinc can be detected by more sophisticated tests.

Mixing zinc with the urine spikes up a white precipitate that can make the urine look scammed, and make the lab technician opt for test that can detect foreign substances in the urine sample.


To change the pH of the urine and prevent cocaine detection, you might try to add a household cleaning product to the specimen. Bleach is a popular choice.

Bleach can destroy the remaining cocaine components in the urine. The problem is, however, that its detection is very easy.

Too much or too little of it can also be a problem.

Despite the fact that there is some logical proof that pouring bleach will eliminate the cocaine traces in the pee and make the substance not appear on a drug screen, the bleach will render the test unusable.

Also, bleach leaves a film or buildup in the pee that can be noticed by the naked eye and furthermore changes the pH levels in pee which is tested as a feature of the screening procedure.

The lab technicians can likewise smell the bleach as it’s absolutely impossible to hide the scent coming from this powerful synthetic.

There are some things that just don’t work and can even hurt you.

Do not attempt to ‘cover’ your urine with chemical additives such as bleach, detergents or acids. All chemicals are recognized fairly quickly in the urine, so they would look suspicious and the test should almost certainly be repeated.

Using same-day detox kit

Same day detox kits are probably the most popular way of cleaning up your system from cocaine.

They are a quick fix, highly effective (the good ones) and simple to take.

The Fast Cocaine Detoxification Kit is a popular same day cocaine detox that flushes out the body on the same day keeping your urine clean for about 5 hours when you can provide a clean urine sample.

It is known to be one of the strongest cocaine cleansers on the market.

You start by drinking water 2 hours before taking the test. Then, you swallow 4 capsules and drink the bottle of QCarbo Plus. You continue to drink water and urinate.

The kit comes with a self-test. If the results are satisfactory you go and take the real test, if not you chew another 2capsules.

You also need to avoid cocaine for 48 hours before the time you desire to be clean.

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