As Executive Agent, the DHAPP Headquarters Office at NHRC provides day-to-day direction of the DoD effort. It prepares and delivers periodic reports and provides the results of assessments to the appropriate Deputy Assistant of Secretary Defense (DASD). Any potential deviations from the management plan are brought to the attention of the appropriate DASDs for discussion and resolution, and concomitant modification of the plan. Any change in the managers or management structure are brought to the attention of the responsible DASD. Specific duties of the DHAPP Headquarters Office are as follows:

  • Establish a plan of action and milestones
  • Develop an investment strategy, including acquisition, contracting programs, and strategies
  • Establish a DHAPP Coordinating Board and provide quarterly reports to the Board of Directors thereafter
  • Develop budget guidance and oversight procedures Identify potential alliances with other programs/agencies and pursue opportunities for leveraging resources
  • Establish performance indicators
  • Assist host countries in the development of action plans
  • Develop reporting requirements (internal, external, final)
  • Evaluate funding requests
  • Provide appropriate selected non-US points of contact and initial foreign liaison support when necessary
  • Provide scientific and technical expertise
  • Review status of deliverables
  • Identify transition opportunities and residual/leave behind procedures
  • Pursue out-year funding for fiscal year 2013 sustainment

DHAPP Coordinating Board

The DHAPP Coordinating Board will meet semiannually for progress updates from the Board of Directors. The Naval Health Research Center Technical Director will chair the committee. Membership will consist of representatives from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Joint Staff — Force Medical Protection, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy, Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center, US Central Command, US European Command, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Agency for International Development, World Health Organization, and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. The committee’s primary functions are to:

  • ┬áReview progress and provide strategic guidance
  • Ensure that all efforts are consistent with DHAPP objectives
  • Note significant difficulties/deficiencies and recommend solutions

Reporting Requirements

The DHAPP Headquarters Office will provide quarterly reports to the DHAPP Coordinating Board and at the semiannual meetings.